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Authentic Vietnamese Dining Experience

Le Saigon

Vietnamese Kitchen

We promise an intimate and relaxed Vietnamese dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

A Bit On Our Origin

Vietnam was part of the French Indochina for more than 60 years (1884 – 1945) and because of that, French culture is ingrained in the Vietnamese culture, food, and architecture. The city we now call Ho Chi Minh was the Capital formerly referred to as ‘Saigon’.

As ‘Le’ is one of the most popular surnames in Vietnam and this is how we came about our name ‘Le Saigon’.

Authentic Vietnamese Dining

Embark on a journey of discovery


Popular and authentic dishes of Vietnam cuisine.


Each of our Noodle dishes comes in different broth base which were slow-cooked up to 8 hours.


Fresh herbs and salad mix with organic brown rice, dress with peanuts, sesame seed, fried shallots, brown rice puff, coated with homemade dressing.


Our own recipes for an authentic taste


We are using fresh and high-quality products to give the best flavour.


We made our own Pate, Garlic Butter and Mayo to give an authentic and unique taste